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On April 27, 2012 at the Centre Leonardo da Vinci in St-Léonard, Agnes and André Chatelain, Founders of Painting a New World, along with many generous volunteers, hosted the PNMW Annual event and Awards ceremony, recognizing the quality of the artwork of the participating students and their contribution to a better world.

The main attraction was in the Galleria where murals of the finalist's schools, produced by many talented students were proudly exhibited. After enjoying the talent of the artists it was then time to present the awards to the top finalists.  The students, parents and guests were then invited to join our amazing MC, Hailey Samm Laxer in the impressive Mirella and Lino Saputo Theatre.

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Agnes and André


          Dear friends,

Thank you for joining us to celebrate with art and music at the Leonardo da Vinci Center, featuring art murals from students participating in the 'gift of art project', the presentation of awards and original artwork from Painting a New World's international artists from Kenya, Ethiopia, Chad, Rwanda and Guinea.

A special thank you to our MC, Hailey Laxer, our entertainers Mylène Tremblay, Gab Desmond, Jean-Claude Latour and Boni Suba, who raptured us, and especially to all our family and friends who volunteered to help make our event a success.

We believe that Artists Helping Artists have the power to create positive change for the benefit and sustainability of communities locally and in developing countries.

For further information about the event, click the 'project outcome' button.

Agnes and André

September 2010 - THE GIFT OF ART PROJECT

The Gift of Art was an art and collaboration project for youth, educators and community. It was a project designed to inspire groups of students interested in art to design and paint a 54 x 64 in. mural with the guidance of an educator on a theme proposed by Painting a New World. 


Honourable guests Yolande James, Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities, Simon Nabukwesi, High Commission of Kenya, Marie Emile Martineau, Vice-Consul of Haitian Consulate in Montreal and Mary Deros from the Executive Committee of the City of Montreal celebrated PAINTING A NEW WORLD’S first multicultural event at the Montreal Olympic Stadium on a stormy February 25th evening. 

Within the walls of the Tourist Hall there was a distinctive African ambience and dynamic energy that heated up the house.  

The guests purchased limited original artwork and jewellery from African artists, admired the tremendous talent of students who participated in the Gift of Art mural project in Quebec, were entertained by the delightful music performed by Mylene Tremblay and Jean-Francois Poulin, followed by the powerful energetic Masai dancers with Jane Nyoike leading all the guests to breakout in dance.  This was the festive mood created by Painting a New World to benefit those in need in Haiti.  Agnes Jorgensen and Andre Chatelain, founders of Painting a New World, believe that change is possible through art and artists helping artists can make a difference.

Proceeds of the evening were used to build an Art Centre in Haiti.

(L - R) André Chatelain, Yolande James (Guest of Honour), Agnes Jorgensen

The Masai Dancers

Simon Nabukwesi - High Commission of Kenya, Jane Nyoike, Yolande James
Minister of Immigration & Cultural Communities

The Honourable Yolande James

The group from Westmount High School

A display of paintings by Agnes Jorgensen and André Chatelain
August 2009

PNMW was happy to complete a mural about Child's Rights with an enthusiastic group of young students from the Leadership Academy of FTC in Montreal on August 8, 2009.  Our invited guest was Ginette Sauvé-Frankel, MBA commissioner of the English Montreal School Board who is passionate about educating students about Child's Rights and equally passionate about art.

André Chatelain with participants creating the Mural
André Chatelain with participants from the Leadership Academy of FTC working on the Mural

FTC participants creating the Mural

July 2009 - Kenya High Commission - Ottawa

July 23, 2009 - Thank you Jane Nyoike ( for inviting André and I as your guests to the residence of the Ambassador of Kenya in Ottawa, honouring your dear friend Jane Miano, 2nd Counsellor of Kenya High Commission. It was a great opportunity to present PNMW and receive encouragement and support from East African Countries.

(L - R) Agnes Jorgensen, Jane Nyoike, Jane Miano

May 2009 - Academia XXI - 2009 - Gala of the International Academy of Fine Arts in Quebec

The Academy was built at the request of artists and art lovers for special public recognition of visual artists.  By its internationalist philosophy, artists from around the world are included in the mission of the Academy. The Gala is an annual event highlighting the accomplishments of visual artists.

On May 2, 2009 Caroline and Louis Bruens, Founders of the International  Academy of Fine Arts in Quebec surprised André and myself with a Humanitarian ART award, recognizing the involvement of the artist in a humanitarian cause. The AIBAQ has supported PNMW since its inception. We are truly grateful for their expertise and collaboration.

Agnes Jorgensen PNMW Humanitarian Award Art award Andre Chatelain PNMW Humanitarian Award

April 2009 - Montreal Millennium Summit, Montreal Convention Centre (Palais des Congrès)

The Millennium Summit has the power and the plan to cut world poverty by half in our generation.
The Millennium Development Goals are the most broadly supported comprehensive and specific reduction targets the world has ever established.  In 2000 the largest gathering of world leaders in history adapted the UN Millennium Declaration, committing their nations to a new global partnership to reduce poverty, improve health, and promote peace, human rights, gender equality and environmental sustainability.

A whole-hearted THANK YOU to Daniel Germain, Martine Jalbert and all the staff of the Millenium Summit for inviting PNMW to this International gathering for those envisioning to build a better world.  This event gave  PNMW  the opportunity  to showcase artworks from participating artists of Kibera,  Evelyn College of Design and The Bobea Art Centre, located in Kenya and the Abyssinia Fine Art Centre in Ethiopia

PNMW Exhibit, Montreal Millennium Summit, 2009
Agnes Jorgensen at the PNMW Booth
Agnes Jorgensen at the PNMW Exhibit, Montreal Millennium Summit, 2009

March 2009 - Youth Humanitarian Summit

The summit was organized by student leaders and involved 500 leaders from the Montreal area and Newfoundland. The aim of the conference was to create awareness about important local and global humanitarian issues.

"EXPRESS YOURSELF !!" was what André and I invited the students to do on a large canvas mural at the Summit. We were very impressed with their creativity, enthusiasm and sensitivity to the needs in developing countries. A huge THANK YOU to Marc Boucher and Ann Novak for inviting PNMW to a well organized and meaningful event.

Youth Humanitarian Summit participants March 18, 2009
Agnes Jorgensen and André Chatelain (front) with participants in the Summit

Youth Humanitarian Summit participants March 18, 2009
January, 2009

Linda and Daniel Toutiras (PNMW Ambassadors) for creating an inspiring event portraying the beauties of Africa, its people and PNMW on January 21, 2009. Your resourcefulness and dedication with the generosity of colleagues and friends provided seven art kits to artists in Africa. Your kindness changes lives.


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