PNMW is proud to support International mural projects in Africa and Haiti. PNMW provides funding to local initiatives to employ artists to design and paint murals on school walls while engaging and educating children about their environment and future.

A word from Joram Mathenge, Executive Director of the Kiangure Springs Environment Initiative in Kenya:

“KSEI is grateful for the continued support from PNWM and looks forward to continued partnership.  Your financial support has helped our program to grow together with our artists. They have transformed their community through their mural work. They have also earned a living and improved their financial status.  As result they have become leaders in their own communities and are regarded as opinion leaders. The program has created a big impact in this part of the world since art has a lasting impact.”

Visit the KSEI website: www.kiangurespringsenvironment.org

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I find your action in Africa really great and I think it would be interesting to discuss this other use of art on Artcertificate and on the magazine in the form of an article. This is a new, more humanist point of view and it will allow artists to realize the social aspect of art, its generosity, something that we sometimes forget when we think too much about exhibitions and sales. I like your vision of art turned towards others very much.

– Eric Doireau, Director of publication, art4any and ArtCertificate.com

To read the report: